Research Papers

This file contacts a directory of papers provided by participating researchers. The person recommending the paper is provided before the title.

Philip Auerswald: Benjamin F. Jones, "Age and Great Invention" NBER Working Paper 11359, May 2005.

Philip Auerswald: Benjamin F. Jones, "The Burden of Knowledge and the ‘Death of the Renaissance Man’: Is Innovation Getting Harder?" Working Paper (2002).

Philip Auerswald: Philip Auerswald, "Entrepreneurship in the Theory of the Firm" Small Business Economics,(2008).

Philip Auerswald: "Between Invention and Innovation An Analysis of Funding for Early-Stage Technology Development" National Institute of Standards and Technology Report NIST GCR 02–841 (2002).

Philip Auerswald: "Patents as Options" (1986).

Philip Auerswald: "A Framework for Applied Dynamic Analysis in Input Output" Handbook of Industrial Organization (2007).

Philip Auerswald: "Placing Innovation:A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Approach to Identifying Emergent Technological Activity" National Institute of Standards and Technology Report NIST GCR 06-902 (2007).

Philip Auerswald: "The Production Recipes Approach to Modeling Technological Innovation: An Application to Learning by Doing" Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control (2000).

Philip Auerswald: "Growth Opportunities for the American Worker: Hottest Growth Industries by Decade 1890-2020" The History Factory (2013).

Philip Auerswald: "Innovation, Cities and New Work" Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Working Paper NO. 07-25 (2007).

Deborah Strumsky: "The Evolutionary Ecology of Technological Innovations" Working paper? date unknown.

Eric Beinhocker: "Evolution as Computation: Integrating Self-organization with Generalized Darwinism" Journal of Institutional Economics (2011)

Chris Wood: "The Evolutionary Origin of Complex Features" Nature (2003)

Chris Wood: "Human-Competitive Results Produced by Genetic Programming" Gene. Program Evolvable Mach. (2010)

Giovanni Dosi: "Technical Change and Industrial Dynamics as Evolutionary Processes" Handbook of the Economics of Innovation Volume 1(2010)

Giovanni Dosi: "Corporate Performances and Market Selection: Some Comparative Evidence" Industrial and Corporate Change (2010)

Contributor Unknown: "Task Specialization in U.S. Cities from 1880-2000" Working paper (2013).

Contributor Unknown: "Animal Innovation Defined and Operationalized" Working paper (2007).

Contributor Unknown: "Technological Learning and Renewable Energy Costs: Implications for US Renewable Energy Policy" Energy Policy (2006).

Contributor Unknown: "Demand Subsidies Versus R&D: Comparing the Uncertain Impacts of Policy on a Pre-Commercial Low-carbon Energy Technology" Working Paper (date unknown).

If you would like to contribute a paper please email me at:, provide a copy of the pdf and topic area. These will be organize according to some taxonomy at a later date.