Inside the Black Box Workshop

Santa Fe, New Mexico

August 7 - 30th, 2013

Slide Decks:

Colin Harrison - "What Have We Learned From Theories of Technological Change?" and "An Inventor’s Perspective on Invention"

Jeffrey Funk - "Exploring Mechanisms that Drive Improvments in Cost and Performance"

Phil Auerswald - "The Code Economy"

W. Brian Arthur - "How an Economy Merges from Its Technologies and Grows" (August 9, 2013)

W. Brian Arthur - "Technological Evolution ≠ Biological Evolution" (August 13, 2013)

Giovanni Dosi - "The Structure and Dynamics of Technical Knowledge Paradigms and Trajectories"

Stefano Battiston - "Innovation Networks. Efficiency and Stability"

James McNerney - "The trophic Theory of Technological Improvement"

Martha G. Alatriste Contreras - "Diffusion in the French Input-Output Network"

Doug Erwin - "Do Biological Innovations Provide Insights into Innovation in Culutre and Technology"

Eric Beinhocker - "Complexity, Evolution, Economic Growth" (Aug 7th presentation)

Eric Beinhocker - "Technology and Economic Evolution: An Algorithmic Perspective" (Aug 14th presentation)

Ron Jarmin - "Measuring Innovation: Building a Data Infrastructure"

Deborah Strumsky - "Technological Change as Revealed Through Patented Inventions" (Aug 7th Presentation)

Deborah Strumsky - "Exploring Invention through Technology Codes" (Aug 22nd Presentation)

Presenters Papers:

Jeffrey Funk: "Exploring the Mechanisms that Drive Improvements in Cost and Performance" Working Paper.

Giovanni Dosi: "Technical Change and Industrial Dynamics as Evolutionary Processes" Laboratory of Economics and Management Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies Working Paper Series (2009).

Joe Tainter: "Complexity and the Productivity of Innovation" Systems Research and Behavioral Science, (2010).

Philip Auerswald: "Algorithms and the Changing Frontier" Working Paper (2013).

Philip Auerswald: "Entry and Schumpeterian Profits: How Technological Complexity Affects Industry Evolution" Working Paper (2007).

Stefano Battiston: "Recombinant Knowledge and the Evolution of Innovation Networks" Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2011).

Stefano Battiston: "The Efficiency and Stability of R&D Networks" Games and Economic Behavior (2012).

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